Guests of Honor

Every year at Furlandia we invite some of the most celebrated members of our community to be our official Guests of Honor.

Throughout the weekend, you'll have many chances to meet and talk with our Guests of Honor, as well as attend their various panels, discussions, and performances. And if you're a Patron or Sponsor, you'll also be able to enjoy a more intimate setting with our guests at our special patron- and sponsor-only events!

Frances "Yote" McKeever

From an early age, Yote, a tawny colored coyote, had a passion for art. For a little over three decades, Yote dedicated herself to learning everything she could when it came to sketching and coloring. Remarkably, she has never set foot in a classroom environment. Yote is a self-taught colored pencil artist, once dreaming of becoming a Walt Disney Studio animator, who somehow wound up in law enforcement.

Yote has overcome incredible challenges in her career as an artist. An Operation Iraqi Freedom war veteran with the Washington Army National Guard and a domestic violence survivor, Yote has always followed her passion for art, using it to touch the hearts and souls of her viewers, and to show the power of courage and persistence through tragedy.

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Frances Pauli

Frances Pauli writes speculative fiction and has authored many novels, most of which have at least one animal character or another. She's recently focused her attention on anthropomorphic stories and is fairly certain she'll never go back.

Her novella, The Earth Tigers, has been nominated for both a C├│yotl and a Leo award. Her short stories have also appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Roar 8, Dogs of War, Gods with Fur, Bleak Horizons, Arcana, and Symbol of a Nation.

She posts free stories, excerpts, serials, and previews of the upcoming Hybrid Nation books on social media sites as Mamma Bear. A full list of her publications can be found on her website:

Frances lives in Washington state with her family, four dogs, two cats, and a variety of tarantulas.


DJ Trishy

DJ Trishy is the geeky, nerdy DJ taking the local convention circuit by storm. Known for her reputation as a safe, inclusive, and accepting performer, she works with her crowds to create an experience that fits each group. It all started in 2013 while working with a creative team on Second Life. One of her team members suggested that she start learning to DJ as a way to spend time with her children during the week and make money on the weekends. She began to practice in the virtual world and eventually began filling in for DJ Dave (DJ Akuma) at the AFK Tavern in Everett, WA. Under his mentorship, she gained a following in the cosplay circuit and began doing events for cosplay groups, private parties, and conventions. She is a cosplayer, gamer, seamstress, SCAdian, and mom of 7 children.


Although Taebyn has been a fur for about 20 years (Disney's "Robin Hood" was one of his earliest anthropomorphic influences), he has been active in the furry fandom for about four of those years.

He loves math, twisty puzzles, dancing, and giving hugs! He also loves to entertain and make people happy, and his YouTube channel has a number of videos both educational and fun.

You will often find Taebyn running around at furry conventions hugging every fluff he can, because he is a super-friendly 2 yr old pup with cute little pawsies! Bark bark!

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