Variety Show


The Furlandia Showcase will be "judged" by audience response, with a small panel of Staff Judges providing commentary. In the case of a tie, the Staff Judges will decide the winner.

NO pyrotechnics, smoke or fog machines, flames, dangerous chemicals or devices allowed. If your act should begin with "Don't try this at home", then don't try it here.

Keep your act PG-13 or below. If you can't say it on the radio, don't say it here. Costumes should be family-friendly as well.

Each contestant will have up to three minutes for their routine.

Props are ok as long as you can carry them on and off stage by yourself in one trip, and you don't leave anything behind on the stage (so, for example, a confetti or glitter bomb is a big "NO").

It bears repeating that music and dance must be PG-13 or appropriate for general audiences. If you need to send us music or some other audio track to play during your act, please send it to

We can accept the following file formats:

  • AAC
  • AIFF
  • CAF
  • M4A
  • MP3 / MP4
  • WAV

Information on how to audition is coming soon!