Every year we pride ourselves on providing the largest number of panels and events possible, and this year is no exception! We aim to make Furlandia 1957: Poodle Skirts and Duck Tails! the best Furlandia to date, with your help.

Furlandia is just as much your convention as it is ours, and we're always eager to hear your suggestions for what sort of panels we should host each year. This is why we ask you to submit your suggestions.

You can either submit a request to host your own panel, or if there's a particular panel you'd like to see hosted by someone else we want to hear your ideas! To submit your ideas or suggestions please click here.

If you have any questions or comments, send us an email at

Standard events

Although our full schedule of events has yet to be finalized, there are always some firm favorites we see every year at Furlandia. Here are just some of the things we know you can look forward to:


The mainstay of any convention evening, you know we've got you covered when it comes to things you can shake your tail to! Besides, how can you have a 50's Theme without a Sock Hop?

As usual, we'll have dances on Friday and Saturday night. In keeping with the tradition of previous years and standard furcon operating procedure, we'll have dedicated fursuit dance times so those in fursuit can strut their stuff in safety.

DJ applications are opening soon, so if you're interested in playing a set, check out the DJ application for details on how you can submit your best mixes for consideration.

Fursuit Dance Competition

There will be one of these too!

Currently we have two categories: full suit and partial suit. We might add a group category if we get enough interest.

Check back later for more information!

Fursuit Parade

What kind of furry convention doesn't have a fursuit parade? Not us, that's for sure. Last year we had 180 fursuits in our parade; that's one of every five attendees! When the fursuiters line up this year to strut their stuff, will YOU be among them?

Fursuit Games

With all the fursuiters who show up, we'll just have to find something fun for them to do! Last year we had a variety of fun games, including Hungry Hungry Hippos, Tug-o-War, and Musical Chairs. Everyone had a blast—from the contestants to the audience!

Upgraded Membership Exclusive Events

For those of you who decide to purchase an upgraded membership, we would like to thank you for your support by providing you access to our exclusive Sponsor and Patron-only events.

In previous years those events have included such things as: a Cocktail Party, an Ice Cream Social, Tea and Scones, and similar cozy gatherings with our Guests of Honor. Last year we had Saturday Evening Tapas and Sunday Morning Coffee and Cakes. Wonder what we will have this year?

Karaoke Night

Whether you have singing talent or are just daring enough to howl away in front of your friends, family, and complete strangers, come join us from some furtastic karaoke!

This is a fan-favorite, so we'll try to do it more than once over the course of the weekend.

Variety Show

Show us your most daring, incredible, amazing, intriguing, and goofy acts!


Can you sing? Or juggle? Does the heart of a poet beat within you? Are you funny? Do you do magic tricks? Do you dance the Lambada? Or tap? Can you solve a Rubik's Cube with your feet?

Anyway, brush off your old Talent Show act and come join our Showcase!

And no, we won't judge… much.