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Want to volunteer for Furlandia 2014?

We're hiring for our 2014 event right now! Check the next section lower down the page for some specific things we are looking for.

It takes an amazing amount of combined effort and talent to produce something like a convention each year. Without a dedicated force behind the scenes it couldn't happen, so every single volunteer is important to us. If you've ever been curious about what it's like to work for a convention, then this is an opportunity for you!

With a convention as new as ours, getting on staff now, presents an opportunity to grow in to important roles as we grow. What I mean is that many older conventions have folks on the top end of the staffing structure who've been there for years and do a fantastic job, which is great for the convention, but can make it difficult for new volunteers to advance quickly. We have not yet found all or even most of those wonderful long term staff members every convention needs. This year's volunteer, could be next year's Chairman!

That's not to say you must commit for years to come if you volunteer. While we certainly want and need people interested in the long haul with us, if you just want to help this year that's great! We only take it a year at a time anyways.

If you are considering volunteering to join staff;

- We want your best, just as you should expect our best. If you commit to something, stand up to that commitment. Whether that means completing a project or showing up for a shift, we expect you to keep your word, or do the responsible thing and communicate with us.

- Try to attend meetings. This isn't possible for everyone, and some staff may be remote which is fine. Not being able to attend meetings should not stop you from joining.

- You should be aware that staffing for a convention is not always easy, but it can be fun. It's a great way to see what goes on, to meet new people, and to be able to view things in a different light. If you ever need help, you only need to ask for it.

- You'll have a more direct impact on what Furlandia becomes. Have a bunch of ideas? There is no better way to influence our growth than to be part of our staff.

- There are benefits to being on staff. For instance you can earn free membership for the following year. We expect people to actually earn these benefits though! You might also learn valuable skills.


If this sounds like your kind of jam, send us an email at staffing@furlandia.org and let us know what you would like to do. Experience is not necessary, and if you have no idea what sort of thing you'd like, or what options there may be, that's cool, let us know that too. It's helpful to tell us what your normal line of work is, and if you have any special knowledge, training, or certifications. We have roles that anyone could do, and we have roles that require specific knowledge or technical skills.

Currently Seeking

We need a bit of everything still! This section however, is to list some very specific things we are looking for. If you don't fit anything listed here, that's okay, we have other roles.

Fursuit Track Lead -

  • Should be a fursuiter experienced with suiting at con. Oversees programming and events meant for fursuiters, working with panelists to make sure things run smooth. In charge of Headless Lounge, makes sure we know what to stock for suiters.

Marketing Lead -

  • A division lead (meaning several departments report to you). Responsibilities can vary. Helps with social media, inter-convention communications, handles advertising with other conventions, promotional/PR related tasks.

Publications / ConBook -

  • Capable of digitally designing and putting together ConBook for print. Assists with other publications if necessary.

Theater Crew -

  • Several roles available (Stagehand, Stage Manager, Lighting design/engineer, audio engineer, gaffer, etc). Experience or technical knowledge a must in many of those roles.

Web Developer -

  • Experience needed. In charge of designing, creating, and maintaining future versions of the website. Assist with content creation. Lack of a dedicated staff web developer is a large part of our previous delays and slow progress.

Photographer / Videographer -

  • Takes pictures of the convention for official use. Creates promotional photo materials or videos. Prefer someone professional or close to it, with high end equipment.

Meeting Schedule

April 5, 2014 - Portland State University: Library room 530 - 1:30 to 4:00pm (Gather outside around 1:15)

April 19, 2014 - Portland Central Library: US Bank room - 2:45 to 5:45pm

May 3, 2014 - Portland State University: Library room 530 - 1:00 to 4:00pm

May 17, 2014 - Portland State University: Library room 530 - 3:00 to 6:00pm - Last meeting before con