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Furlandia 2014 Guests of Honor

Furry conventions are usually about celebrating the fandom, promoting education, and advancing the arts. Furlandia is no different in this regard! To this end, we would like you all to help us celebrate a couple of special guests this year as we honor them for their talents and contributions to the Furry Fandom!

Be aware that the content found at some of the links may not be suitable for minors

Artist Guest of Honor

Kacey Miyagami

Kacey Miyagami picture

Kacey Miyagami is a local artist, living in Beaverton Oregon with her wife Noriko. She has been involved in the fandom since 2001, but has been doing artwork for most of her life. She studied Fine arts and animation and got her BFA from the University of Southern California. She favors traditional media, and enjoys doing character art as well as landscapes and scenery. When she isn't doing artwork, she enjoys watching anime and animation, swimming, traveling abroad, and indulging in various nerdy obsessions.


Kacey's FurAffinity
Kacey's Weasyl
@Kaceyfish on Twitter

Fursuiter Guest of Honor

NitroShep (Chris Brown)

NitroShep in Sydney NitroShep Fursuit Motocross Picture

Shep has been an active member of the Pacific North West furry community since 2005, and makes his home near Vancouver, B.C. Canada. An electrician and project foreman by trade, he often uses his various trade skills to build and modify homemade projects in his spare time. Before finding the fandom, Shep's hobbies included tinkering with electronics and racing motocross for nearly a decade, achieving a couple of BC championships along the way. Upon entering the fandom, his German Shepherd fursona was inspired by the Shepherds he's owned and his overall love of the breed. His current fursuit, Nitro, was created in early 2007 by Arend Studios. Immediately after getting Nitro, Shep was encouraged to join Helping Pawz to entertain at non-profit charity events around Vancouver, which he continues to do today. Nitro quickly gained attention throughout the fandom from a fursuit motocross video he posted to Youtube. A few years ago, Shep started to staff conventions and built homemade drying equipment for fursuit lounges. He is also fursuit track lead for Rainfurrest. His collection of drying/cooling fans, along with his fandom involvement, continues to grow a little more each year. His motivation is simply seeing the smiles on people's faces and the enjoyment that his creations bring to the fandom. Shep's love of travel, entertainment, and the furry community has brought Nitro to dozens of conventions and attractions around the globe. He can often be found ready and willing to brighten anyones day with a friendly hug.


NitroShep's Wikifur.
Fursuit Motocross Video.
NitroShep's FurAffinity.