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Furlandia 2014 Theme

300 BCE? Furs of the Iron Age? What does that even mean?

You might have wondered something like this after seeing the theme. We realize it might not be as obvious or silly a theme as people are used to, so we hope to clear it up right here! If anyone would like to help with some concept art or short stories, let us know.

The theme is based loosely around the historical period known as the Iron Age, which ran roughly from 1200 BCE to 500 CE. 300 BCE just happens to be a midpoint. What are BCE and CE? Simply the academic alternatives to BC and AD respectively. BCE stands for Before Common Era, and you guessed it; CE is Common Era. To learn more about the Iron Age you may click here.

Alright great, what about it?

Everything! What if that line of disciplined Roman Legionaries were foxes? Or the gladiator wasn't facing a lion in the arena, but was the lion? Maybe you're the philosophical type, spreading your sophisticated Greek culture to distant lands while wearing the trendiest toga? More content perhaps to rule the lands of Egypt, building monuments on a grand scale? Sure, why not. Perhaps leading a fierce barbarian horde, striking terror in to the hearts of your enemies is your calling.

That's just a sample! If it existed around that time it's free game. If Furries had run the show back then, how would things have differed? Maybe Rome and the Barbarian hordes could have settled their differences with a dance competition.

Why not just choose Roman as the theme and make it simple?

Too easy! Everyone has a favorite civilization from this time period, and some even have usable costumes. If wearing Roman armor and carrying a standard is your thing, go for it. Or if you prefer a toga, let's see it. Maybe you've got a headdress you're dying to show off, or you want to wear some fierce face paint as a barbarian, or carry the customary Spartan hoplon shield. There are so many more civilizations not mentioned, these are just examples.

The point is we want to see some serious creativity here, and we may even have some ideas and games for you all when things kick off. If you have ideas for ways we can use this, send an email to our programming department!

Furlandia 2014 Flyer