Furlandia 2024 Hotel Information


We ask that all guests treat hotel staff, guests, convention members, and hotel property with respect.

These rules are requirements, not recommendations. If you are violate hotel rules or are removed from the property, you will also lose your convention membership.


When you check in, the hotel will place a hold on your card for potential incidentals, including but not limited to: room service, paid channels on the TV, and the refreshments in your room.

If your card on file is a credit card, this will show as a pending charge. A few days after you check out, if you did not incur any incidental charges, this pending charge will be removed.

If your card on file is a debit card, this will hold the amount at your bank. Just like with a credit card, if you do not incur any incidental charges during your stay, this hold will be released a few days after you check out. However, until you check out, the amount of the incidentals hold will not be available to you. For example, suppose you have $200 in your account and have your debit card on file for your room. If the incidentals hold is $150, then you will only have $50 available to you until a few days after you check out.


If you can’t make it to Furlandia and need to cancel your room reservation, please contact us at customerservice@furlandia.org so that we can put your reservation back into our room block.


Please feel free to contact us at hotel@furlandia.org or customerservice@furlandia.org and we'll be happy to assist you where able.