Dance Competition

Welcome to Furlandia's Dance Competition! This event is one of the most anticipated events of the convention, and all that's missing is you! Here's your chance to join the amazing dancers of the community and bring excitement to the stage! We encourage you to sign up and think of this event not just as something to enjoy and have fun with, but also in helping to create a friendly and creative environment for the community.


This event will require all participants to adhere to all convention, hotel, and local governmental regulations regarding COVID-19. Safety is of utmost importance to our event and our community. The convention COVID-19 information can be found here.

Sign Up

Sign-ups end Friday, May 17, 2024 at 11:59pm PDT. We must have your audio file by this deadline! You will receive a confirmation email that you have signed up and that your audio file was accepted.

You will need to provide a valid email where we can contact you. We also highly encourage you to join the Telegram chat to get the latest updates and information, as well as be able to commmunicate directly with the event organizers.

All sign-ups must be submitted online. There will be no at-con sign-up available.

We understand plans can change and should you no longer wish to participate after signing up, we would very much appreciate it if you inform us by email.

Group sign-up


The Furlandia 2024 Dance Competition requires that all performers adhere to these rules to ensure that the event is as fair and safe as possible.


Dance Competition preliminaries will be held at the convention. Check the schedule for the time and location. Competitors will be contacted by email before the convention and given an arrival time for preliminaries. Competitors should arrive no later than the time indicated. Contact us before the event if you must change your prelim time due to schedule conflicts. Preliminaries are a closed-door event; only competitors who have signed up online are permitted along with their handler or parent/guardian. Photography and filming of competitors' routines is not permitted; however, you may have someone film your own routine if you wish. Auditions will be held on carpet, so plan accordingly.

Preliminary judging

Preliminaries will be judged by a panel of multiple judges who will independently rate each performance and those decisions will collectively determine which performances will advance to the finals. Factors which may be considered in this decision include, but are not limited to:

Finalists and cuts

Dance Competition staff will do their best to fill the show for our allotted time slot. Some cuts may be necessary to fit the time constraints. A list of the finalists will be announced and posted prior to the finals. Those chose must perform the same routine in the same costume as in the their preliminary performance.


All finalists should arrive at the Main Stage (Mt. Hood) 45 minutes prior to the start of the event. The event rundown, performance order, and other important information will be given at that time. Finalists will also verify their audio track with A/V during sound checks at this time, and they will be able to warm up and practice. All finalists will be called backstage before the doors open and will be required to remain there for the duration of the event, except when called to perform. The backstage area will have accommodations for fursuiters. No handlers are permitted backstage during the event due to space constraints; however, handlers are permitted to enter the ballroom early and secure seating first. Volunteers will be available to provide assistance backstage. Performances will be on a dance floor, not the stage.

Finals Format

Performances will be held on the dance floor in front of the stage. Finalists will be called to perform in a predetermined order. Similar to the preliminaries, you should expect to be called to standby during the performance before yours so that you have time to prepare. When that performance ends, you will be directed to the dance floor to perform. After your performance, the judges will give any comments they have, then you will return backstage until the end of the competition.

Finals Judging

Finalists are judged by a panel of multiple judges. They will evaluate each performance individually and their scores will be tallied after the last competitor performs.

Judging Criteria

Each criterion is scored on a scale from 1–10 (1 being lowest, 10 being highest) and tallied for each performance. The top scoring finalists will be announced as winners for first, second, and third place. In case of a tie, judges will deliberate and decide on the final placements.

Exhibition Showcases

Exhibition showcase performances are not considered competitive and will not be scored. They are for entertainment purposes and may or may not be used in the overall show. Examples include judge showcases or entries by community dancers who are invited to do an exhibition performance. Because they are not competing, exhibitions may not adhere strictly to the competition requirements.


If you have any questions, please contact the dance events organizer.

Good luck! We are excited to see you on stage!