Dealers' Den

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6pm-10pm (Setup)
9am - 11am (Setup)
11am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
10am - 5pm

Note: These hours are pending and may change closer to the convention.


Dealers' Den map
F1 Furlandia
F2 Animal Aid 15 16 17
F3 Rehydration Station
F4 Our Friends
F5 Convention Services
A01 Jayful Delights
A02 PKPaw Productions
A03 Chronos Gifts
A04 Lupercus
A05 Alisha Rotondi
A06 Mary E. Lowd
A07 Dark Hammer
A08 Tony's FURniture
A09 Og's Fursuits 15
A10 HamburgerBasket
A11 Raptor Arts
A12 Hundeliebe Publishing
A13 Beleoci
A14 Pepper Coyote & Fox Amoore 17
A15 WerePuppy – Rabbit Valley Comics
A16 Etuix 17
A17 Lorien Inksong
A18 Rising Dragon Arts
A19 Art Of Yote
A20 Kites Beadsprites
A21 RedHyena Fursuits
A22 Cerelin Creations
A23 Kacey Miyagami 14
A24 Chimaera Conspiracy
A25 Danji Isthmus
A26 Grrrwolf
A27 Cervidian
A28 Mamma Bear
A29 Matrices
A30 Tori Meader Studios
A31 Omadaun
A32-A33 RACK Leather Goods

Artist Alley

We are pleased to announce that we will be introducing our first-ever Artist Alley at Furlandia 2017!