Adventure on the High Seas

Furlandia, Portland's premiere furry convention, returns to ye Hotel Sheraton where pirates, adventurers, navies, and all manner of scurvy sea-dogs pillage and plunder on the high seas!

Furlandia 2015 Events

We’ll have several events, a whole weekend full in fact, as you’d expect! Later on we’ll release an actual schedule, but that’s still a little ways off.

These are just a sample of what you can expect, and we’ll add more as we can!

Dances And DJs

You know we’ll have them! You can revel and dance your tail off Friday and Saturday night, and we’ll even try to do something Sunday night.

If you are interested in being a DJ at Furlandia, apply! No silly form to fill out on the site, just send an email to and give some details about what you’d like to do. Our Theater department will get back to you after that.

Programming and Panels

There will be more panels than you can shake a peg-leg at!

So you’ve had this amazing idea for a panel that would be great at Furlandia, right? We want to hear about it. We’re making every attempt to make the process much smoother this year.

We are now accepting panel submissions on a wide-range of subjects. Send an email to to claim your share of the treasure… err schedule.

Have a suggestion but don’t want to host it? That’s fine too, send it!

Fursuit Parade

Of course there will be one. We had something like a 300% increase in the number of suiters last year, and can’t wait to see what it’ll be like this year!

Dance Competition

There will be one of these too. If you want to sign up to participate OR judge send an email to

Fursuit Games

We sure hope so! We are currently looking for people who want to help organize and host. Email if you are interested in helping us out.

Ice Cream Social

The ice cream social last year went off great! Since we know you love ice cream, of course we’ll have another one.

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