Age of Prosperity

Through our hard work, we have forged a new society in our nation of Furlandia. While our age of industry has ended, it has yielded wonderous growth and bounty. Come join us in 2017 for our adventures back into the 1920s and the age of prosperity.
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Come To Our First Staff Meeting Of Furlandia 2017!

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When: July 30, 2016 4pm - 6pm
Where: Multnomah County Central Library (Downtown) 801 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97212
Transport: Street parking is metered. SmartPark garage is nearby. No free parking, unfortunately, but TriMet/MAX service is very convenient.

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Furlandia 1850: Age of Industry! was a huge success! Are you interested in being part of the behind-the-scenes crew for Furlandia 2017 (Furlandia 1929: Age of Prosperity!)? Would you like to volunteer as a staff member on our fantastic gang of fuzzbutts? Then come join us for the first staff meeting of the year on Saturday July 30th 2016 between 4pm and 6pm.

Meet our executive team, discover the perks of being on Staff, and learn how you can help us make Furlandia 1929: Age of Prosperity! the best one yet! The more the merrier!

We are in particular need of artists, prop makers, tech crew, operations, and help with registration, but there is a place for everyone!

See you there!

- Executive Team on 7/25/16

Official Con Video

Furlandia 1850: Age of Industry! has now concluded. Thank you for making this year a roaring success. Please enjoy our official Con Video from 2016

- Queenie on 7/12/16

To Friends Old and New...

Earlier today, Furlandia’s executive team was made aware of a blog post written by a member of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team which we feel misrepresented both Portland’s annual anthropomorphic convention and the wider fandom in general. In the interests of goodwill, education and outreach, we feel it appropriate to issue a formal statement challenging her inaccurate misrepresentation of our fandom and to extend a paw of friendship to the team in the hope that they will come to know the ‘furry fandom’ better.

While the blog post does not mention our annual convention hotel or the convention by name, she did link to our website, making it clear that we were indeed the convention she was referring to. Tapping into an oft-debunked myth about the fandom and its interest in anthropomorphic animals, her post insinuated that attendees were present for one thing and one thing only: adult content.

As Portland’s premiere family-friendly anthropomorphic arts convention, Furlandia has grown from its humble beginnings in 2013 to become one of the Top 20 anthro conventions by attendance, anywhere in the world! Over the past three years, we’ve learned a lot, and we’ve grown a lot. We’ve made mistakes (every convention has) but we think we’ve learned from them and become a great convention in just a few years.

Just like the fandom in general, Furlandia is welcoming of fans of anthropomorphic art in all its forms, from digital arts to storytelling, puppetry, m...

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- Executive Team on 7/12/16