COVID-19 Safety Policies and Procedures

Please be aware that, due to the rapidly evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, specific items in this policy are subject to change to align with federal, state, local, and convention center or hotel guidelines. Please check this page regularly or follow us on social media for updates to these policies and procedures.

If you feel sick, please stay home!


You must have completed an initial COVID-19 vaccine series (both doses of a two-dose series such as Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna, or the one dose of a one-dose vaccine such as Johnson&Johnson) to attend Furlandia 2023.

New 4/19 – In light of the CDC’s decision to discontinue the original COVID-19 vaccine series, we will also accept a single dose of the latest bivalent booster in line with CDC recommendations.

While we will not require boosters, we recognize their substantial benefit and strongly encourage you to receive a booster before attending Furlandia if you are able.

We will check your proof of vaccination along with your photo ID at the cashier when you register on-site or pick up your pre-registration. We will accept originals, photographs, photocopies, and digital records.

Making, causing to be made, or using false or misleading documents or claims regarding one’s vaccination status is a violation of our Code of Conduct. Because of the elevated risk that this poses to public health and safety, anyone found to be attempting to circumvent this policy may receive a lifetime ban.


At this time, masks will not be required to attend Furlandia 2023. If you would prefer to wear a mask you are welcome to do so. Only you know your risk tolerance.

Policy Update Procedure

Should we need to update our COVID-19 policy, the event will use the most restrictive policy published prior to the event. Our intention is that it be as clear as possible to all attendees what to expect.