Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is a place for vendors to showcase their work without having to commit the entire weekend to sitting at a table in the Dealers Den. It's also an excellent venue for Artist and craftsmen who are just getting started in the furry world, as well as more seasoned vendors who did not get a table in the Dealers Den this year. The Artist Alley is located in the Mt. Hood Foyer outside the main theatre, which is one of the busiest areas of our convention space. Artist Alley positions are available as half-tables only, measuring about 3 feet square.


Hours are subject to change.

  • Friday and Saturday: 12:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Sunday: 12:00pm - 4:00pm


At-convention sign-up

Artist Alley tables made available at the convention will be distributed by lottery. If you are signing up at the convention and wish to have space for more than one day, you must sign up during the booking period of each day that you wish to vend. If you are not assigned a table space, you will be placed in a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. So don't get discouraged if there are a lot of names on the sign-up sheet - if someone closes up shop for the day, we may still have space for you! At-convention sign-up for Artist Alley will be available at these times:

Day: Sign-up opens: Sign-up closes: Table fee:
Friday, May 24 Thursday, May 21 9:00pm Friday, May 22 7:00am $25
Saturday, May 25 Friday, May 22 9:00pm Saturday, May 23 7:00am $30
Sunday, May 26 Saturday, May 23 9:00pm Sunday, May 24 7:00am $25

Table assignments will be posted at the Artist Alley staff table by 9:00am each day. Artist who are assigned a table in the Artist Alley must check in and pay the table fee by 10:00am to confirm their table space.


Check-in will begin two hours before the opening time on each day. Tables will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Any tables that are not assigned at one hour before the opening time on each day will be made available to waitlisted applicants in order of sign-up. Waitlisted vendors must still pay the table fees to receive table space. All Artist Alley vendors must have a valid current-year convention membership and must pay the table fee before receiving table space. Artist Alley staff can honor requests for vendors to be seated next to each other, but only if both vendors request this together at the time of check-in. Do not sit at or set up at any table space before a table space is assigned to you by Artist Alley staff.


Furlandia is not responsible for your belongings. Do not leave your merchandise or personal items unattended. If you need to leave temporarily, please notify Artist Alley staff and let them know when you will return. You may have someone else with a valid current-year membership watch your table space while you are away, if you notify Artist Alley staff of this arrangement before you leave. Tables left unattended for more than one hour without notification to Artist Alley staff will be forfeited. Waitlisted applicants may be given the opportunity to claim a forfeited table. No refunds will be made for table fees if a table is forfeited. Items left at forfeited tables can be reclaimed from Artist Alley staff during Artist Alley open hours, or from Lost and Found in the convention office after closing time each day. Furlandia is not responsible for damage to or loss of your property if it is removed as a result of table forfeiture.

Content Rules

You must abide by the following rules for content:

  • Everything you sell or display must be your own work.
  • Everything you display openly must be rated PG-13 or lower.
    • You may show adult material to individual attendees after checking to ensure that they are of legal age to view adult materials.
    • An item is not PG-13 if it:
    • Contains exposed genitalia or representations thereof
    • Depicts a sexual act
    • Depicts realistic violence where the victim is shown to be severely injured
    • Depicts any other content that is unsuitable for younger viewers as determined by federal or state law

Items whose possession, sale, or transportation across state borders constitutes a criminal act are strictly prohibited. Possession, sale, or display or any such item will result in immediate removal from the Artist Alley and a disciplinary meeting with the event leadership. Event staff have final authority on what constitutes acceptable content in the Artist Alley. Decisions can be appealed to the Artist Alley lead, then to the event leadership team.

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