Frequently Asked Questions

We are always up for answering any questions you may have relating to Furlandia. Here's a list of some of the things we think you might want to know, If you don't find the answer you seek, head over to our contact page and send us an email with your question.

What is the theme for Furlandia: Episode 8

This year Furlandia will be showcasing nostalgia as its general theme, in the form of vintage television iconography. As it is the 8th year of Furlandia, this year will be its 8th Episode.

Q: Will you mail me my badge/ticket?

No. Badges can only be picked up at the convention at the Registration desk. You will need a photo ID to pick up your badge.

Q: Is this the same hotel as last year?


Q: Is there a deposit when reserving the hotel room?

There is no up-front deposit when reserving if you use a credit or debit card to hold the room

Q: How much is parking?

Free for attendees

Q: And Wi-Fi?

Also free. Both in event spaces and guest rooms.

Q: Can I sleep in the hotel parking lot/lobby/pool/etc?

No. Don't be that guy.

Q: Why should I stay at the hotel?

Even if you live in the city where your furcon event is being held, staying at the hotel adds a whole new set of experiences. This allows you to take place in adult panelling that runs late into the evening, attend the late night dance, and socialize with your friends in a private setting when things get a little too crowded in the event space. It allows you to have a place to change into and out of costume, as well as store your personal items without fear of them being lost or stolen.

Booking a room with the event is what helps pay for our event spaces, and it shows support to the convention.

Q: How can I find room and rideshares?

The best way to find a room and ride-share for Furlandia is through the third-party site ConRoomies, or by making a post on our Facebook page.

Q: Can I leave my backpack (etc.) in Con Ops?

No, the event or event staff cannot take responsibility for your personal belongings.

Q: Why aren't single-day tickets available for pre-registration?

Weekend attendees get first chance, in case the venue fills up during pre-registration. So 1-day tickets are only available at-con.

Q: I had some really cool pictures taken at the convention! Where can I see them?

On our Flickr page.

Q: If I find a lost item, where do I take it?

Con Ops if the item was found in our convention space, and the Hotel Desk for items found in public areas.

Q: Can I volunteer once the convention is underway?

Absolutely! Although we love our year-round staff, we couldn't do what we do without our at-con volunteers! Just check in at Con Ops!

Q: What is your badging policy?

At Furlandia, you must display your current-year membership badge to enter convention space. The badges are color-coded for easy recognition.

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