Code of Conduct

General Conduct

Activity which is illegal by municipal, county, state, or federal statute, law, or regulation outside the event is illegal during the event. Event staff will ask you to stop any observed illegal activity. If the illegal activity continues or is particularly dangerous or offensive, event staff will report this activity to hotel security and other proper authorities. While in convention spaces, attendees are expected to maintain an appropriate standard of conduct. Repeat offenders may have their membership suspended or even revoked. The event will not issue a refund to anyone who has their membership revoked. Please also note that the event leadership retains the right to deny entry to anyone and that you can be asked to leave at any time without a warning.

Badging Policy

Furlandia ensures that each member gets both a lanyard and at least one type of membership badge. Your proof of membership is defined as your current year badge issued to you by the convention, and must be clearly visibly displayed at all times during our event. Event staff can request to see proof of membership at any time. Event staff may deny you access to events or event space if you do not have proof of membership. All Furlandia-issued badges remain the property of RainAnthro for the duration of the convention and must be surrendered upon request.

Identification Policy

All attendees (in and out of costume) are required to have their con badge clearly visible at all times while in event space. The event badge must not be obscured by custom badges, and must remain outward facing so the name is visible. You will need to remove your fursuit head or cosplay mask if requested by event staff or the hotel faculty.

Any member entering the adult programming area must present a valid government-issued photo ID in addition to current year proof of membership. You will need to remove your fursuit head or cosplay mask to enter the adult programing area.

Media Policy

Attendees purchasing a membership agree not to act as media agents in any way, shape, or form while attending our event without prior written consent from the event leadership. Making photographic, audio, or video recordings of any convention event for investigative or commercial purposes is against our code of conduct, and can result in suspension of membership.


As a convention attendee, you are a guest of the hotel and must abide by the hotel's rules and policies whenever you are on the premises. If you are expelled from the hotel for violation of their rules, you immediately forfeit your event membership and must surrender your badge. You are personally responsible for any damage you or your minor children cause to hotel property, as well as any pets you bring or guests you have in your room. The event space and public spaces of the hotel may not be used as sleeping areas.

Dress Code

All visitors to the hotel in common areas (e.g. lobby and hotel corridors) must exercise common sense when it comes to outfits and costumes. If you aren't sure about your dress, please ask a staff member for guidance. The event leadership reserves the right to ask you to reconsider your outfit choices.

Further to these guidelines, attire that is typically used in adult-only settings, such as harnesses or pony tack not worn over a fursuit or clothing satisfying the dress code; pup masks; latex or spandex suits; or any attire that emphasizes or suggests the swimsuit-area body parts are permitted in the adult programming area, and in the main theater after 10pm. Your private areas are not to be exposed or accentuated at any time in the main event or public spaces.

Shoe Policy

Shoes of some kind are required while in the common areas of the hotel.

Harassment and Assault

Harassment is defined as any behavior that alarms or intentionally annoys another person. This includes making any unwanted physical contact, following someone around a public area without a legitimate reason, or threatening to physically attack someone. If you feel that you are being harassed, or you have been assaulted, please report the matter immediately to event staff. Cosplay is not consent, if someone is dressed in an alluring or provocative manner, it is not an invitation to touch, grab, or make inappropriate or unwelcome comments. The Furlandia event staff take claims of harassment very seriously, and reserve the right to revoke membership to those who violate this policy.


Furlandia is a gun-free event. Firearms are not permitted on hotel property. Prop weapons are allowed with approval from the event staff, and need to be checked in and peace bonded by the operations team. Threatening displays with prop weapons can be grounds for revocation of membership, and it is encouraged to use your best judgement in this regard. If you have any questions regarding a prop item, please see event staff for clarification.

Under-age Members

Attendees under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a paid member who is a parent, legal guardian, or an adult designated as responsible for them by their parent or guardian at all times. For attendees from the age of 13 to 17, there must be a responsible adult on site and able to be contacted at all times. All under age attendees must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver.

Violations and Appeals

Violations of these policies will be handled by event leadership. Violators will be asked to cease and desist, and may have their membership suspended, revoked, or up to a 390 day ban placed. Two members of the executive committee (one of whom must be the Convention Chair or Vice-Chair) are required in order to revoke a membership. Membership revocations may be contested after the event has taken place by appealing to the RainAnthro Board of Directors.

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