It's Gonna Be Hot!

Dear Furlandians!

It's going to be super hot this coming weekend, with sunny skies and temperatures into the low- to mid-80s °F.

Friday, May 26wb_cloudy Mostly cloudy83°F / 55°F
Saturday, May 27wb_sunny Sunny85°F / 55°F
Sunday, May 28wb_sunny Sunny86°F / 56°F

Our convention space and hotels are air conditioned, but we know that some of you like to head outside and have fun in the sun! This means we're asking all of you to ensure that you bring adequate sun screen and protection, as well as a reusable water bottle you can keep with you at all times. There are water fountains in the Mt. Hood foyer, outside of the main theatre, and in the corridor west of registration in the Garden foyer, so you can easily keep your bottle topped off!

Keeping hydrated will ensure you enjoy the convention and avoid heat stroke. This is especially important for those of you who are fursuiting at con. Your body loses a lot of water while in a fursuit, and hot weather won't help. If you have a heat-related medical emergency, the paramedics will be saving you, not your fursuit!

Plan ahead, drink lots, and here's to a fun, safe convention!