Adventure on the High Seas

Furlandia, Portland's premiere furry convention, returns to ye Hotel Sheraton where pirates, adventurers, navies, and all manner of scurvy sea-dogs pillage and plunder on the high seas!

Need a Ride or Room for Furlandia 2015?

If you’re looking for a ride to or room at Furlandia 2015 or if you’ve got a ride or room to share, please take a moment to list yourself on ConRoomies.

ConRoomies is a new service for the Furry fandom, not affiliated with Furlandia, which provides a way to find ride-and-room-shares for a variety of conventions. A service like this is a welcome addition to the Furry ecosystem.

You can find rides and rooms for Furlandia here:
Find a Ride
Find a Room

Or you can list your need for a ride or room here:
Ride Needed
Room Needed

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